Hi everyone,

This is a site that I am getting together for all the people who entered PHHS in 1968 (or joined that form as it progressed through to 1973).

Basically I would like to put class pics, a page(s) for each person as a mini homepage/whatever, and a BBS or two. Just an idea, but I would like to hear what you all think and any suggestions. I'll supply the time, webspace, and this dedicated url - but I need input and content from everyone.

You can contact me at: webmaster@oceanz.com or ICQ#233556

If the menu at the top of the page doesn't work for you use the site map link at the bottom of each page to navigate around the site.

Latest Additions:
Toongabbie PS 2A - VIEW HERE
Toongabbie PS 3G/4G - VIEW HERE
Toongabbie PS 4J - VIEW HERE

I am still looking for pics of the other classes - and I do need help identifying some of the people (thanks to all that have helped out so far).

Requests: I am after primary school class pictures for Toongabbie PS. Also any exterior shots that anyone might have of PHHS.

News: You may have noticed that the site has been tarted up a bit and a new menu system added. The Primary Schools section will return soon.



I have added a temporary forum until I can get a permanent one set up with my webhost - feel free to use it how you will.

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